NINE12 is all about you. We want you to know that there's plenty of grace for the decisions that you've made and there's hope that you can get beyond where you are. We exist to equip and empower you to handle money the way it's intended to be. We know that acquiring debt has become a way of life for most of today's Americans, and that the burden of that weight keeps many from living the way that truly fulfills them and helps others around them. We're here to help you reverse that.
Through our experience with helping individuals and families overcome their financial hurdles, we've come to realize that money problems often have little to do with the money itself. Fear, tragedy, desire and deception often call the shots. It doesn't have to be that way.

What if you were able to release your sense of control over money? Sound counter-intuitive? When you begin to look at money's role in grand scheme of your life, you'll realize that money just passes through our hands temporarily. How we direct it as it passes through can mean the difference between a life with purpose and one without.

While you're immediate concern may be to find out how it takes to make ends meet each month, you'll soon be reaching out to lend a hand to someone else. Wouldn't that be nice for a change?