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How can I give when I do not have enough money to make ends meet?

Giving is a vital part of your Spending Plan. If you cannot give when you first determine the number it takes to live within your means, make it a goal as your spending habits change that the first line item to be increased will be giving. When you give there is always great joy received both on your part and on the part of the recipient. You may find yourself in a grind working solely to meet your own needs and not giving yourself the opportunity to experience the immeasurable joy of giving, no matter how little or big the amount or item.

Is it wise to give in hard economic times?

It is especially important during hard economic times to determine what amount of money you have available to give.  You may have more to give than you think once you look at all of your spending habits and put the numbers down in black and white in the Monthly Spending Plan Summary worksheet and then commit to live by them.  You can give only what you have to give; this allows you to give with a cheerful heart.  On occasion, you may be able to give any extra cash you do not spend in the Weekly Disposable Expense category.  If you have an extra $10 or $20 cash you can encourage someone during these difficult economic times by giving them your extra cash that week.

How do I give cheerfully when I am not sure if the money will be spent wisely?

The responsibility is with the recipient of the gift for if it is spent wisely.  We can only be responsible for our attitude when we give.  We are not to give grudgingly or out of guilt as we will not receive the joy from that giving.  We are to give freely from our time, our possessions, our money and certainly with our unconditional love. 

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