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What will I benefit by completing the NINE12 Toolkit?

The most powerful thing you will gain by completing the NINE12 Toolkit worksheets is knowing your number.  That is the number that it takes to live within your means given your current spending habits.  Oftentimes we do not take time to identify where our money goes and we work diligently each day and do not feel as though we are getting ahead.  In fact, when you define your spending habits and use the numbers as a goal to live by, you will know with certainty what you are working for.  You will not spend more than you are depositing because that spending decision was made ahead of time.  Rather than being oppressive, a spending plan is the first step to feeling free from financial bondage.  You decide where your money goes.

What if I am so upside down with my money and I just do not see a way out?

Even if you know you are upside down financially, you need to know in black and white where you are so you can get a plan to move beyond your current situation.  You cannot change what you do not know.  If you put in black in white where you are spending your money then you can make changes to your spending habits as needed.  In making these changes our goal is to free up even the smallest amount of money we did not spend and apply it to what is the greatest financially burden we face.  It took a long time to get upside down financially and it will take some time to get out of our distress.  Without a plan, we will stay stuck and things will get worse.  With a plan the our financial situation is headed forward and we can make better decisions on a monthly basis that will propel us to being out of financial bondage at some time in the future.

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